Apply to your store a low cost
queue management system
without resorting to the traditional
paper tickets.
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Mobiqueue App the user can visualize his current position in queue through a mobile app.
Corporate TV integrated attendance management with an information panel, simple and intuitive user friendly design and interaction.
Low cost without the requirement of special equipment, which leads to a high initial investment, nor the installation of specific applications. You can use your own PC or tablet.
Cloud Solution Web based architecture, multi platform, MobiQueue works on any device and environment.
Integrate easily integrate with other systems, as ERP, CRM, SGQ, etc. Every feature were developed in REST technology for easy integration.
Flexible create and account, subscribe one or more services and you´ll be ready to attend your clients. You can disable services at any moment. The attendance system adapts to your business, simple, fast and effective.
Communication channel send custom messages and notifications to your clients and receive feedback of quality of service.
Obtain information from
your clients
each time your clients use the Mobiqueue App, you can obtain new information, like personal data, location, used services, etc.
Backoffice Setup for the stores which allows to setup many application settings, as well as retrieving service reports and statistics.

Business Models

Mobile + Virtual

Fully virtual and cloud based solution. An entity can apply in a short period of time, and get access to three links: one for the counter, another for a tablet which serves as a ticket kiosk and another for a display with the queue state. There is no paper involved.

Mobile + Integration

Solution for entities wich already have an installed paper based system, in this case it will add an integrated mobile component. In short, you can get a paper or App ticket, and it's possible to switch from the paper to an App ticket.

Mobile + Hardware

Solution for entities that desire both virtual and paper components. In this case, we have a partnership with a company that provides paper dispensers.