Mobiqueue App is a service provided by Sociedade Anónima, Mobiqueue, registered in Portugal, by Conservatória de Braga, by the identity number and collective person, 510753884.

BY USING THIS SERVICE YOU´RE ACCEPTING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If you don't agree with the following terms, you can't use the Mobiqueue App.



Mobiqueue App is a service provided by the entity Mobiqueue SA which is integrated with the attendance and waiting lines management platform, available in Mobiqueue SA cloud services.

Mobiqueue App allows the user to save a great amount of time in the waiting lines by being able to take digital tickets directly in his smartphone, monitoring the waiting queue satus until it's his turn.

In the Mobiqueue App, the user can search and monitor the registered entities in the Mobiqueue SA platform, their provided services, monitor the waiting queues status for several services in real time, this is, the number of people waiting and average waiting times, obtaining digital tickets for attendance in their respective service counters, be notified when it's his turn, canceling a valid ticket, visualize the used tickets history, take the Mobiqueue App tutorial and configure notification settings.

The Mobiqueue App will notify the user through notifications, when his turn is closing in. If the user provides his contact number and the service provider entity allows it, Mobiqueue SA can also notify the user over SMS.

Mobiqueue SA can prevent the user from taking a ticket in the Mobiqueue App, if the user is far away from the respective entity by a considerable distance.

Mobiqueue SA does not take responsability for bad usage or operation of the Mobiqueue App, arising out of interruption of WiFi or mobile data, however, the Mobiqueue App can inform the user if this events occur.

It's user responsability to timely head for the service counter, in order to guarantee his turn. The user is only allowed to take three daily tickets at most, which is a limit that can be changed or disabled by Mobiqueue SA anytime if it so wishes. A canceled ticket counts as used for the day it was taken.

The user has to be at least 16 years old or emancipated or by having his parents legal consent and fit to agree and comply to this terms.



Mobiqueue SA grants the user the nonexclusive right to transfer, install and use the Mobiqueue App in his country, in his smartphone, for personal use only and non-commercial purposes.

Mobiqueue SA reserves the right to, if so understands, make the user update the Mobiqueue App to the latest version, in order to maintain and improve the quality of operation and service from the Mobiqueue App.

Mobiqueue SA reserves the right to, if so understands, to halt support to a particular version of the Mobiqueue App, which can be considered a discontinued version.

Mobiqueue SA holds all the property rights of Mobiqueue App. The user will not have any rights on Mobiqueue App, besides the right of Mobiqueue App usage according to these terms. Particularly, the user understands and agrees to: i) not having permission to resell, copy, or distribute the Mobiqueue App for any commercial purposes, or using the Mobiqueue App in any other mode that goes against this service terms; ii) has no permission to duplicate, transfer to, copy or distribute any part of the Mobiqueue App in any medium, with no prior authorization by writing from Mobiqueue SA; iii) has no permission to reverse engineering or modify any component of Mobiqueue App and iv) should, in any circumstance, respect the terms of service.

Nothing in this terms goes against any legal right inherit to the user as a consumer. To obtain more information about your legal rights, contact with your local consumer advisory entity.



In order to operate the Mobiqueue App, resolving glaring issues and improve the performance and user experience, we'll use your personal data in the following way:

    - Your name and email address will be registered in our database. Additionally your phone number, your date of birth and your address can be also be saved, if the user so permits. The Mobiqueue App will not access your contacts, nor will be collected names, addresses and email addresses from your contact list.
    - Information about your phone and use the Mobiqueue App (for example, usage statistics, device hardware, location and language) can be accessed. Mobiqueue SA ensures that the collected data will not be provided to third parties, safeguarding your privacy.

In the event of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your phone, you should notify Mobiqueue SA immediately. Although Mobiqueue SA is not responsible for losses caused by any unauthorized use of your account, possible losses arising from the unauthorized use may be your responsibility.



The installation of Mobiqueue App is free. The Mobiqueue App uses your internet connection and data permission (mobile or Wi-Fi) and will be taxed according to your data plan or, if absent, taxed according to the current rates of mobile data usage.



You may stop using the Mobiqueue App anytime.

Mobiqueue SA may suspend or change the Mobiqueue App immediately for any reason, including cases where it is necessary to fix it or doing maintenance work. Also, it can occasionally add new features without any obligation to provide any other in particular via Mobiqueue App. Additionally, it can terminate the Mobiqueue App, but in this case, will notify the user with at least 30 days in advance.



The Mobiqueue App is provided only for personal use. The Mobiqueue App does not work on all mobile devices – before registering, make sure your mobile device is compatible with Mobiqueue App. Mobiqueue SA is not responsible for any damages, not reasonable, for Mobiqueue SA or the user, predict when it began using the App Mobiqueue or that are beyond the control of Mobiqueue SA. It is also not the responsibility of Mobiqueue SA:

    a) any loss or damage caused by any content that the user has uploaded, stored or shared;

    b) any content or services provided by another person or organization;

    c) any losses or damages that could have been avoided or minimized with careful treatment or reasonable actions by the user; or

    d) any loss of content or corruption of the same or other data, if that loss or corruption is not caused or is out of Mobiqueue's control.



It may be allowed to run a subcontractor on behalf of Mobiqueue SA, with any of the obligations under these terms. You agree that the rights and obligations under these terms, can be transferred to another company. The user will be notified if the rights and obligations are transferred to any third party. If compliance with any of these terms is not considered mandatory by a court or other authority, we will your disposal, without this affecting the remaining terms. You can be notified by email, SMS, mail or through this website. These terms and Mobiqueue App will be governed by the laws of Portugal, subject to any applicable law to provide a different jurisdiction to the user as a consumer.