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In order to fight the queuing problems that COVID-19 has created we are offering our technology (for the duration of the pandemic and for those that can't afford) to help entities that are facing this problem on a daily bases. If you are needing our help please reach us through our contact page.

The most
Advanced Queue Management System

Improve your business customer journey through real time queuing monitoring, instant customer feedback and smart insights and analytics.

Intelligent. Integrable. Flexible. Customizable. Continuous Delivery. Cloud.

MobiQueue Cloud SaaS

High Availability, powered by Google

12 reasons that shows we are unique

Keep your customers happy


With our mobile app, your customers may take a number on their phone, monitor queues, get push notifications and relax while waiting.

Measure employees performance


Measure the performance of your employees based on customers feedback after being served      :)   :|    :(

Make smart decisions managing your store


Access your dashboard from multiple devices, anywhere and get realtime insights of your business through business intelligence.

Get smart alerts by SMS or Email 


E.g.,  Avg. waiting time > 15 min,  You can reduce it by putting Counter 1 serving only Service A. Artificial Intelligence.

Have our services on your App


You can easily integrate our services into your app or other CRM that you use, really fast. Leverage your business with our REST API.

Don't miss any customer


Book an appointment to a customer if need and don't miss a chance to talk to any of your customers.

Inform your customers and advertise


Digital signage to signalize queue tickets and advertise with your social networks, web pages, power points, videos, images and much more.

Adopt a sustainable possibility


You can have a low investment paperless solution if you don't require a professional ticket dispenser, easy and simple.

Automate, export your reports periodically


You can access weekly, monthly and annual reports. Or, you can simply configure and receive them on your email or via sftp

Start in minutes, it is easy to use 


No software to install, no servers, no headaches. Create your account, set your info  and you're ready to go. Plug and play

Get customizable reports


If you don't have the report you need? No problem. We may customize it based on your needs and send it to your email frequently.

Have continuous delivery


We are always developing new features based on our customer's feedback. Our cloud keeps evolving everyday staying up to date.

Professional ticket kiosks

Our service provider, Kiosystem Lda, a company of the group Inoxave, is one of the most well successful manufacturers of multimedia kiosks of Portugal. With more than 24 years on the market, they were distinguished as PME leader, on the scope of FINCRESCE program, promoted by IAPMEI. With a highly qualified technical team, they take their expertise to more than 15 countries.

Floor ticket dispenser

Floor multimedia kiosk

Welcome your visitors through self check-in ticket dispenser for walk-in customers.

. Personalized with your brand, logo & colors
. Realtime configs and updates, add or remove services and notes
. Know your customers. Ask visitors names or phone numbers
. Power saving mode: wakes/sleeps according to business hours
Self check-in for walk-in customers
. Wireless possibility 100% feasibility
. Service priorities disclaimer
. Multi-language with automatic translations
. Android powered. Install from Play Store, register the device and go
. You are able to set up it your self easily or perform any actions needed. Plug and play

Elegant Robustness

The kiosks are manufactured through an innovative manufacturing process, which highlights the high levels of finishes and robustness of the structure.
Available in carbon steel ST12 with electrostatic painting (RAL colors), in AISI 304 stainless steel with ground-glass finish or in aluminum with electrostatic painting.

Stock of 50 units and 100 new units in just 45 days

Our service provider normally has a 50-unit stock, with 10 units ready to go. The other 40 units can be personalized to our clients, with color and brand.

Manufacturing from the ground zero, we can deliver 100 personalized units in 45 days. You are able to choose the color and decorative sticker vinyl.

Counter ticket dispenser

Counter multimedia kiosk

Desktop ticket dispenser with all features as the floor dispenser

Elegance over your counter

Produced through an innovative manufacturing process, which highlights the high levels of finishes and robustness of the structure.
Available in carbon steel ST12 with electrostatic painting (RAL colors), in AISI 304 stainless steel with a polished finish.

Stock on demand

Producing from the ground zero, we can deliver 45 personalized units in 30 days. You are able to choose the color and decorative sticker vinyl.

Customer feedback support

Counter customer feedback kiosk

Used to collect the users feedback right after have been served
. You can measure employee performance
. See counter and ticket signalization
. Show any ads or adverting
. Personalized with your brand, logo & colors
. Realtime communications and updates
. Wireless possibility 100% feasibility
. Android powered. Install from Play Store, register the device and you're ready
. You are able to set up it your self easily or perform any actions needed. Plug and play

Elegant enclosure anti theft tablet support

This counter is a desktop secure tablet kiosk stand features classic Z-shape base. The base is made from high quality aluminum thus lightweight and stable.

Stock on demand

Custom made to be used with tablets 7'', 8'' or 10'' independent of tablet brand. On black or white or personalized to your brand.

Or, go for a sustainable
paperless solution

For businesses that do not require enterprise ticket dispenser equipment,
we offer a simple, but, no less better, intelligent solution that is less expensive. Your customer enters his name on a tablet for walk-in customers (no paper tickets) and is called by his name. Perfect for any small business.

Serving thousands of people every day

Despite being a young company, MobiQueue quickly managed to win several reference customers in various market sectors. These clients are references in areas as diverse as health, food retail, telecommunications, the public sector, universities, transport, among others.

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Our Story

We waste 6 months of our life waiting on queues and time is one of the most precious goods that we have.
MobiQueue was created to solve this problem that hurts us all, the time that we waste on queues.

During 2009, standing on a Social Security line, was when I first came up with this disruptive idea, helping people to not waste their time on queues by allowing them to take a ticket on their phones and be notified when closed to their turn. The iPhone had barely arrived to Portugal and there was no mobile Internet yet and it seemed something that would be very hard to make it working. Read more...

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